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SDN VPN Brahmaputra scope

The SDN VPN delivery into Brahmaputra basically comprises of integration of the BGPVPN API extension for Neutron. Using the ODL BGPVPN driver with ODL VPN Service as backend is currently the only supported deployment option. Supporting other backends such as Bagpipe is FFS.

The following components were developed:

  • Fuel installer integration
    • new Fuel plugin has been developed to deploy BGPVPN on top of the baseline OpenStack Liberty that is deployed by OPNFV Fuel
    • The ODL Fuel plugin has been enhanced to deploy ODL VPN service
    • Two deployment scenarios ha and non-ha are available, developed on top of the baseline ODL-l2 deployment scenario <add link to Fuel documentation of deployment scenarios>
  • SDN VPN specific tests have been integrated into Functest:
    • BGPVPN tempest tests
    • ODL VPN Service robot tests from ODL CSIT
  • Some more documentation would be nice to have, including updating Functest documentation

Residual issues not resolved in time for the release (candidates for SR1):

  • APEX installer integration was started by APEX team
  • SDN VPN specific tests have been integrated into Functest but not all of them did pass in CI due to some post-deployment configuration of ODL VPN Service missing in installer. A manually deployed system has however passed all tests, it is just a mater of autodeployment.
  • Yardstick test scenarios have been specified but not implemented (depends on if new Yardstick features are required - if so we might need to shift this to C Release - tbc)
  • Improve test coverage
    • Functest consumes latest commit of BGPVPN backport/kilo branch, so anything new gets immediately consumed

The SDN VPN project's Milestone D report can be found here.

C Release scope

Etherpad for release C planning:

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