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Welcome to the OPNFV Wiki

OPNFV is a carrier-grade, integrated, open source platform to accelerate the introduction of new NFV products and services. As an open source project, OPNFV is uniquely positioned to bring together the work of standards bodies, open source communities and commercial suppliers to deliver a de facto standard open source NFV platform for the industry. Participation is open to anyone, whether you are an employee of a member company or just passionate about network transformation.

Getting Started

OPNFV Releases

OPNFV Community Test Labs

OPNFV Projects

  • Project ABC's page helps you understand how we run projects and coordinate our activities in OPNFV
  • OPNFV Project Lifecycle page describes the project categories and lifecycle management
  • Approved Projects page lists all current projects that are approved by Technical Steering Committee


Committees, Work Streams and Meetings

Working with upstream communities


Other Resources

You will need an Linux Foundation Account if you would like to contribute to this wiki or the components of the OPNFV Project.

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