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In order to have consistent profiles for testing, it has been suggested to define and store traffic profiles based on operator representative scenario.

We are managing the profiles in a common place (FuncTest git repo) as

  • it will be help ensure community consensus through the review process
  • we will have various types of profiles, and various projects are likely to reference them (projects may still have their own unique test strategy/plans in their own repo as noted below)

The detailed plans on how the profiles will be used in projects may be project-specific and hosted in the project repos, e.g.

  • the purpose in applying the profile to the goals of the project, e.g. for performance / bottleneck testing, or as background traffic for functional/stability/etc tests
  • the test methodology, e.g. test tools and any more detailed profile descriptors / test tool input related to how the profile will be used in the project

A key goal of traffic profiles and the related types of test use is that we promote consistency in how the profiles are defined, implemented by load test vendors, and run in the various test tools and labs. That will help ensure an “apples with apples” comparison when we consider results from these tests.

A note of caution: small modifications to combinations of packet sizes or proportions of total (IMIX) can have a profound affect on the results (which are usually bounded by the extremes of Fixed Packet size testing).

Traffic profiles


Domain Telco Comment Contact
Mobile traffic AT&T Bryan Sullivan
IMS residential Orange
?? ??


A global guideline shall be provided referencing all the different profiles.

For each traffic profile, we may expect: * description of the profiles (e.g. nb packets/s of size X,Y ) * documentation (how to use/adapt the profile,..)

The description shall be provided in a simple format: txt? json? …

It shall give all the relevant information regarding the IP traffic generated by the scenario.

Mobile traffic


All the profiles shall be stored in the commons directory of the Functest git repo

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