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Developer Collaboration Budget Items for Oct'15 - Sep'16

[NOTE: The Year 2 budget still needs to be approved by the OPNFV Board]

  • IT Infrastructure as a Service: Infrastructure (servers, networking, racks, hosting), network bandwidth, storage, firewall, backups, sys admin staff, etc.
  • Hackfests/Design Summit: Plan is for 4 per year
  • Technical community programs: Expenses for other developer community events/meet-ups (e.g. shipping, conference rooms, etc.). Also for new programs for OPNFV Ambassadors and local user groups
  • TSC initiatives: Hold for various initiatives the TSC may want to invest in. e.g. hackfest equipment, hoodies, etc.
  • Developer awards: For quarterly/annual awards
  • Technical community analytics: OPNFV developer dashboard from Bitergia
  • Developer on-boarding training materials: Profesionally developed on-boarding content (e.g. for using OPNFV developer tools, Pharos labs, etc.)
  • Internship program: Interns to help with technical projects
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