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Minutes of Technical Community Discussion on June 18, 2015

  • Date and Time: UTC 13:00, Thursday June 18, 2015
  • Convener: Bin Hu (AT&T)
  • Participants:
    • Al Morton (AT&T)
    • Ana Cunha (Ericsson)
    • Brian Ketchum (Spirent)
    • Dave Neary(Red Hat)
    • Donald Dugger (Intel)
    • Doug Grinkemeyer (Spirent)
    • Eric Orndorff (Spirent)
    • Jay Menon
    • Jonas Bjurel (Ericsson)
    • Jose Pekkarinen
    • Julien Zhang (ZTE)
    • Jun Nakajima (Intel)
    • Kevin Luehrs (Cable Labs)
    • Malla Reddy Sama (DoCoMo)
    • Manuel Rebellon(Sandvine)
    • Michael Godley (Intel)
    • Michael Shevenell (CA)
    • Prakash Ramchandran (Huawei)
    • Rajeev Seth (Sonus Networks)
    • Raymond Nugent(Huawei)
    • Stuart Mackie(Juniper)
    • Susie Li (Intel)
    • Ulrich Kleber(Huawei)
    • Yunhong Jiang (Intel)
    • Yuri Yuan (ZTE)
  • Upstream Feature Development and Cross-Project Collaboration
    • Status update on active items

No update from community

  • Status update on areas of interest

No update from community

  • Draft Blueprints Discussion
    • TBD
  • Other cross-project topics

No update from community. Bin will look into details of the projects

Author was not present. Postponed

Jun presented this proposal.

Dave (Redat) asked the question about inter-VM communication. Jun's point is that it depends on programming models. For example, shared memory works well but apps need to know shared memory. Jun agreed to provide more details of how it benefits acceleration.

Julien (ZTE)'s concern is the permission, because the access of shared memory depends on users and groups. Jun said that it depends on sys admin to assign groups.

There were other detailed questions and clarifications in latency, live migration, etc.

Uli (Huawei) asked the plan of upstream, e.g. how much is requirement and how much is collaborative development. There was no clear answer there. But we won’t need it. We shouldn’t press people to distinguish Requirement project vs. Collaborative Development, while we are discussing to how to better categorize the projects.

It was 7am PDT, and meeting adjourned.


  • Postponed New Collaborative Development project proposals until Author Notifies

Meeting adjourned.

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