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Here is a Brahmaputra release milestone C report for availability project.

Status: The availability project is ready to have our HA requirement document and scenario analysis document for the Brahmaputra release. The requirement document has been under discussion for more than half a year and is almost finished except a few sections. The scenario analysis document has been proposed for several months. The basic usecases has been finished and is currently under review. We are still working on further usecases to make this scenario analysis doc a systematic one. We expect this work to be done till November. There is no dependencies with other upstream projects. There could be some dependencies with related projects, and we have already began reaching out to them. Jira stories has been built for these two doc.

Sprint planning October: finish the requirement doc. finish draft writing of the scenario document. November: scenario document under review December: finish the scenario document. Complete formal version of the docs based on template.

Readiness: The progress seems quite good now, and we are quite confident we can finish all the work before milestone D. The scenario doc may require more work, but we have had a plan and assigned the different sections to each team member.

Issues: Having difficulties with the template. May need some help and maybe tutorial for that.

Risks: Resourcing. Need more people to join the team and give their comments.

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