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Project: Yardstick - Infrastructure Verification

Release-B Deliverables


The goal of the Yardstick Project is to verify the infrastructure compliance when running VNF applications.

NFV Use Cases described in ETSI GS NFV 001 show a large variety of applications, each defining specific requirements and complex configuration on the underlying infrastructure and test tools.The Yardstick concept decomposes typical VNF work-load performance metrics into a number of characteristics/performance vectors, which each of them can be represented by distinct test-cases.

The project's scope is to develop a test framework, test cases and test stimuli. The methodology used by the Project, to verify the infrastructure form the perspective of a VNF, shall be aligned with ETSI TST001.

  • Meetings:
    • Weekly coordination meeting: Thursdays 14h00 UTC, see Meeting details
    • Work meetings:
      • IRC only - channel: #opnfv-yardstick
      • Mondays & Thursdays UTC 8h30 - 9h00
      • Mondays UTC 15h00 - 16h00
    • Design sessions and Cross-OPNFV Projects cooperation: see details


The following are in the project scope:

  • Decompose VNF work-load performance metrics into a number of characteristics/performance vectors, identifying and categorizing the metrics related to characterization of the infrastructure, develop test case examples to realize the metrics;
  • Enable verification of more complex test cases by developing functionality to run parallel testing, inject fault, test multiple topologies, test scenarios.
  • Methodology for verifying infrastrucuture from the perspective of a VNF aligned with ETSI TST 001.


Contact Yardstick

You can reach us in any of the following ways: post your suggestion is the relevant page, contact us on IRC channel #opnfv-yardstick or send an e-mail to with [opnfv-tech-discuss][Yardstick] <your text> on the subject

Reference Material

OPNFV Summit, Nov 9-12 2015

Presentations and Demos

  • Test & Performance Weekly Meeting, October 1st


  • Test & Performance Weekly Meeting, September 3rd


  • Test & Performance Weekly Meeting, August 27th


  • Test & Performance Weekly Meeting, August 20th


  • Test & Performance Weekly Meeting, June 18th



yardstick installation (OPNFV YouTube channel)
virtual Traffic Classifier demo (OPNFV YouTube channel)
ApexLake demo (OPNFV YouTube channel)


Documentation is automatically generated, written using reSt markup.
The documentation for the project's deliverables, including framework
and test case user guides is under construction.
The pages below will be reorganized in main index and user guides
as the chapters are completed.

Old Yardstick pages, no longer used

Key Project Facts

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