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Colorado Release Planning

Apex targeted New features for Colorado release:

  • Mitaka OpenStack Support
  • OpenDaylight Boron Support
  • OpenDaylight HA (OVSDB Clustering)
  • Upstream support for features integrated into Brahmaputra (Aodh, OpenDaylight, etc)
  • Tacker MANO included
  • Resource Isolation (NUMA Affinity/Pinning) for Overcloud Processes
  • Nova Instance NUMA Affinity/Pinning
  • Huge Page Support
  • Real Time KVM (supported in Mitaka)
  • OpenContrail Controller
  • OVN Controller
  • IPv6 Support in Underlay and Overlay Networks
  • Multiple deployments per jumphost - Multiple Overcloud deployments (virtual or baremetal)
  • OVS with DPDK
  • FDIO with Honeycomb agent

Depending on resource availability, detailed plan and deliverables will be defined by Milestone 2 (April 8).

Previous release features from Brahmaputra will continue to be supported in Colorado.

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