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List of open and closed questions for Project Bootstrap/Get-Started!

Open questions

  • How will the OpenStack deployment/versionning be solved?
    1. Select 1 deployment method and everyone has to use it. (Red Hat, Mirantis, Juju,…) Who would choose and when.
    2. Elect OpenStack components (Nova, Neutron,…) versions and test suite to confirm base OpenStack installation is compliant before proceding with other component (ODL, configurations, VNFs,…) installation. (See current version at Target System State)
    3. Other… (awaiting more propositions)
  • What would be the recommended interconnect for all the Baremetal components of the setup?
    1. Legacy layer 2/3 switching : OpenFlow only in OVS
    2. OpenFlow 1.3 compliant interconnect: OpenFlow in OVS and Baremetal switch managed by OpenDaylight cluster
      • This option seems like the more plausible to really do NFV but then again how could we certify the underlying Baremetal interconnect switch( or is that delegated to the user)

Closed questions

  • Question X. Answer to question X….
  • Question Y. Answer to question Y….

Installer comparison

Installer HA Bare Metal OpenStack OpenDaylight OVS Linux Distro
Fuel 6 Yes Yes Yes - Specific Version No Yes - Specific Version CentOS 6.5 / Ubuntu 12.04
ONP Servers No Manual Yes - Any Version WIP - Helium SR1.1 Yes - Any Version Version Fedora 20
PackStack No Manual Yes - Packaged Version No Yes - Packaged Version Fedora/RHEL/CentOS
DevStack No Manual Yes - Any Version No Yes - Any Version Fedora/Ubuntu
JUJU WIP Yes Yes - Any Version WIP Yes - Specific Version Ubuntu 14.04 LTS
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