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OpenSteak approach: Current Status

ToDo / List of open issues

For any question, connect to the IRC chan #opnfv-orange

  • Automatic installation, configuration & integration of OpenDaylight
  • Wiki reformating (BGS / opnfv-orange)
  • End to end tests (creation of VM including Rallye/Robotframework)
  • Detailed description of system end-state produced
  • Script for CI
  • Installation out of Orange

List of integration points with CI

Sequence of integration points with CI ("touch points where your installer is expected to be kicked by Jenkins - along with what you expect to deliver back in case of success or failure").

  • pointer to script to kick off installer

Status Update


  • Installation of MAAS OK, tests OK
  • All machines racked in DC
  • Openstack ODL module work in progress
  • Support for community presentation ready
  • Installation guide in progress
  • Functional tests in progress (automation required)


  • Openstack ODL module work in progress
  • Installation of MAAS OK, tests to be done
  • Last machines received (3 months delay..)
  • Installation guide initiated
  • Functional tests: Rally VM installed, first tests launched
    • tests to be completed analyzed and automated


  • Openstack modules OK (Mysql, Rabbit, Keystone, Glance with Ceph, Cinder with Ceph, Nova with ceph, Neutron)
  • Installation of MAAS in progress
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