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Project: Copper (Virtualized Infrastructure Deployment Policies)

Project "Copper" aims to help ensure that virtualized infrastructure deployments comply with goals of the VNF designer/user, e.g. re affinity and partitioning (e.g. per regulation, control/user plane separation, cost…). This is a "requirements" project with initial goal to assess an “off the shelf” basic OPNFV platform support for policy management, using existing open source projects such as OpenStack Congress and OpenDaylight Group-Based Policy (GBP). The project will assess what policy-related features are currently supported through research into the related projects in OpenStack and ODL, and testing of integrated vanilla distributions of those and other dependent open source projects in the OPNFV’s NFVI platform scope. The OPNFV Release 1 goal for Copper is that based upon the analysis and testing, prioritized gaps are identified and upstream open source projects are initiated to address those gaps.

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Key Project Facts

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  • Bryan Sullivan, AT&T
  • Staffan Blau (
  • Dave Lenrow, HP (
  • Ryota Mibu, NEC (
  • Michael K Bugenhagen, Century Link (
  • Tang Delong, ZTE (
  • Zhipeng Huang, Huawei (
  • Daniel Fey, NSN (
  • Jong Han (Jonathan) Park, SK Telecom (
  • Changsoon Choi, SK Telecom (

IRC : #opnfv-copper (
Trello : copper trello board for coordination (
Mailing List : no dedicated mailing list - use opnfv-tech-discuss and tag your emails with [copper] in the subject for easier filtering
Meetings :

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