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Project: High Availability for OPNFV (Availability)

This project is focusing on the high availability requirements of the OPNFV platform regarding the Carrier Grade NFV scenarios. In this project, we address HA requirements and solutions in 3 different perspectives, the hardware HA, the virtual infrastructure HA and the service HA, to be specific. Requirement and API definition of high availability of OPNFV will be outputed from this project.

Project Category

Requirement Project

Project Outputs

• Report of HA Requirement (including KPI)

• HA API Integration, Testing, and Development Guideline

• HA Gap Analysis Report for OpenStack

• Report of service HA schemes

Output Progress

Slides for 2015 Q1 Hackfest in Prague: high_availability_project_report-v2.0.pptx

Slides for 2015 Q2 Hackfest in Vancouver: ha_project.pptx

Slides for 2015 Q2 Hackfest in Vancouver about storage: ha_project_-_storage.pptx

slides for presentation on 2015 OPNFV summitpresentation_2015_opnfv_summit_-_v1103.pdf2015-04-29_21.11_ha_project_meeting.rar


Senlin Project Introduction: ha_solution_intro.ppt

Key Project Facts

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Zeng Linghui []

Jolliffe, Ian []

Hans Feldt []

Yao Cheng LIANG []

Stpierre, Edgar[]

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