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Notes F2F Meeting 2/10


  • Pranav Mehta, Trevor Cooper (Intel)
  • Margaret Chiosi (ATT)
  • Morgan Richomme (Orange)
  • Wenjing Chu, Michael Tien (Dell)
  • Palani Chinnakannan (CISCO)
  • Robert Chen, Deng Hui (China Mobile)
  • Ashiq Khan (DoCoMo)
  • Chris Donley, Don Clarke (Cable Labs)
  • Ajay Sahai (Contextream)
  • Kin-Yip Liu (Cavium)
  • Nicolas St. Pierre (Sandvine)
  • Praveen Kumar
  • Ulrich Kleber (Huawei)
  • ? (Centurylink)

Test Bed Types

1) Development (coding) – for continuous integration with regression testing (hosted by Linux Foundation)
2) NFVI/VIM Testbed – a developer “sandbox” -> THIS IS THE TESTBED THAT WE WERE DISCUSSING
3) Specific VNF/PNF (cable, mobile, wireline, etc.) … carrier labs serve this function
4) Vendor interop of VNF/PNFs … may be temporary (e.g. interop fests)

NFVI/VIM Testbed (from # 2 above) …

1) A “sandbox” for developer testing
2) Provides a documented baseline using release candidates of hw/sw ingredients (will keep in sync with OPNFV published reference architectures)
3) Can host multivendor VNFs (i.e. a combination of VNFs represents a use-case that runs on the test-bed)

Types of testing

  • Performance of defined use-case
  • Functionality of defined use-case
  • Integration testing in order to host a stable baseline for developers

Project focus

We identified the following areas to focus on for now and assigned owners to coordinate input and collate a proposal for each …

Governance and policy (how to manage)

Hw/sw definition

  • Sw definition will come from the other sub-group (CI process around upstream projects)
  • Start with one “sku” - additional later
  • Trevor Cooper (Intel)

Tooling / IT infrastructure

  • Require an test-bed user interface to do manual configuration of node interfaces
  • Test-bed users require remote access to nodes and environment
  • Wenjing Chu (Dell)

Use-cases -> test cases (with configurations / test scenarios)

  • VNF, macro, micro
  • Test objectives
  • Palani Chinnakannan (CISCO)

Other …

  • We are not talking about a certification or interoperability lab
  • Purpose is purely for enabling (a community resource)
  • Need specific policy and guideline for how to deal with proprietary technologies in the test-bed
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