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Project: Characterize vSwitch Performance for Telco NFV Use Cases

Project “vSwitch Performance" will develop a generic and architecture agnostic vSwitch testing framework and associated tests, that will serve as a basis for validating the suitability of different vSwitch implementations in a Telco NFV deployment environment. The output of this project will be utilized by the OPNFV Performance and Test group and its associated projects, as part of OPNFV Platform and VNF level testing and validation.

Key Project Facts

Project: Data-plane performance testing and benchmarking
Creation Date: December 16th, 2014
Category: Integration & Testing
Lifecycle State: Mature
Primary Contact: Sridhar Rao
Project Lead: (Sridhar Rao)
Jira name vSwitch Characterization
Repository: vswitchperf
Mailing list tag: [vsperf]
IRC: Channel: #opnfv-vswitchperf


Link to TSC approval of the project:
Link(s) to approval of additional submitters:
Link(s) to removal of submitters:


How to subscribe to mailing list topic: (section 9.2)

Processes and Methodology : VSPERF Test Methodology

Test Specification Etherpad :

Coding Guidelines : OPNFV Coding Guidelines

OPNFV Developer Resource Page : Getting started with your account, Gerrit and Git

JIRA Getting Started Guide: Getting started with JIRA

Gerrit and Documentation

Project Proposal

Working Groups

List of Candidate Work Items

HW requirements

Release Plan

Project Meetings

Governance and Patch submission

IETF Draft Summary

Project Readouts


Test Spec Overview

VSPERF Framework Overview

VSPERF Framework Results

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