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Project: Models (Model-Driven NFV)

This project will address various goals for promoting availability and convergence of information and/or data models related to NFV service/VNF management, as being defined in standards (SDOs) and as developed in open source projects.

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  • Main work items
    • collaboration via agile communication with SDOs, other open source projects, and other OPNFV projects
      • e.g. via JIRA, so that OPNFV and SDOs can set goals, share progress on various model-related issues, and provide feedback on implementation/test experience
      • work with various OPNFV projects (e.g. Movie, Parser, Promise, Copper, SFC, etc) to coordinate on models proposed for testing, and to feedback results to the SDOs
      • standard models that can be roadmapped for analysis and verification thru use case testing on the OPNFV platform
      • other source information that will help us align on modeling concepts, e.g. from standards, open source projects, websites, …
    • tools for model analysis, development, deployment, …
      • leverage/develop tools and processes for comparative analysis of standardized models and defacto models derived from open source documentation or code, and promote actions for key issues arising from the analysis
    • testing for usecases, with the goal to include the tests in OPNFV CI/CD thru FuncTest
    • events focused on tests/demos or in general publicizing work of the project and enhancing collaboration with upstream SDO / open source project members
  • Project scratchpad is at the Models etherpad page
  • Meetings (logistics, agendas, minutes): see the Models project meetings page

Key Project Facts

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Contributors SDO Focus Upstream Focus Cross-Project Focus Models Project Focus
Bryan Sullivan, AT&T MEF, BBF, OMA OpenStack, ODL, JuJu OPNFV, OSM model analysis, testing
Dan Druta, AT&T ETSI, IETF Tacker, Cloudify Open-O, Aria model analysis
Ulas C. Kozat, Huawei ETSI, IETF Tacker, Cloudify Open-O, Aria model analysis, testing
Marc Flauw, HPE ETSI, 3GPP SA5
Serge Manning, Sprint 3GPP SA2
Prakash Ramchandran, Huawei XOS, ONOS
Gergely Csatari, Nokia
Lingli Deng, China Mobile IETF Open-O

Link to project proposal:

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