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High-level overview

Key Project Facts

Key Project Facts

Project name: Open vSwitch for NFV (ovsnfv)
Repo name: ovsnfv
Project Creation Date: 21st July 2015
Project Category: Collaborative Development
Lifecycle State: Incubation
Primary Contact: Mark D. Gray
Project Lead: Mark D. Gray
Jira Project Name: Open vSwitch for NFV
Mailing list tag: [ovsnfv]
Jira Project Prefix: OVSNFV
IRC: #opnfv-ovsnfv

Mark Gray (Intel,
Joseph Gasparakis (Intel,
Billy O Mahony (Intel,
Hongbo Tianhongbo (Huawei,
Tom Herbert (Red Hat,
Gabor Halasz (Ericsson,

Link to TSC approval:
Link to approval of additional submitters:

Link to TSC approval of the project:


  • Mike Lynch (Intel,
  • Robin Giller (Intel,
  • Sriram Raghunathan (Nokia,
  • Gillian Dunne (Intel,
  • Mesut A Ergin (Intel,
  • Paul Kangil Choi (ETRI,
  • Yuki Kasuya (KDDI R&D Laboratories,
  • Michal Ptacek (Intel,


IRC : #opnfv-ovsnfv (
Mailing List : no dedicated mailing list - use opnfv-tech-discuss and tag your emails with [ovsnfv] in the subject for easier filtering
Meetings :


Brahmaputra release planning

Release C planning



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