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Project name


2. Project status indicator for milestone C readiness: Green/Yellow/Red; GREEN = on track; YELLOW = working minor issues to get back on track; RED = offtrack with major issues


3.Name of person providing status Keith Burns

4.a link to your Jira tasks (filtered on R2)

5.a link to your Jira dashboard

6.a statement of your progress at linking cross project dependencies in Jira In progress: RELENG-37, GENESIS-57, GENESIS-58

7.a statement of your readiness (detailed planning complete & in Jira) for your first sprint or first development cycle (if not agile)

Still a nascent project. Only got JIRA access this week. Also just got correct permissions for Gerrit established this week.

8.a statement of your readiness (high level planning complete & in Jira) for future sprints

We do not plan to organize around sprints.

9.a statement about any issues you have

Porting of ODL GBP Jenkins/Robot environment to OPNFV environment. Don't anticipate anything horrible, just a learning curve. & when you will finish getting your tasks & dependencies into Jira if not complete Still trying to co-ordinate first team meeting of committers to review JIRA. May have to iron out any access-rights they may have, but anticipate having this complete in a week, once we get feedback on expectations from cross-project JIRA tickets and when you will get ready to start development for Brahmaputra if not ready now

First PolicyTest environment is based on an existing complete GBP+SFC environment found at:

12.a statement summarizing your project risk analysis & planning status

With the current scope we do not anticipate any significant risk of delivery for Brahmaputra. Having said that, our planning status is nascent, but since we are leveraging a known working environment based on ODL Stable/Lithium, the issues are more porting than technical/developmental

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