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Data Collection for Failure Prediction (prediction)

A failure prediction system could be deployed to help the NFV system avoid the unexpected failure in advance. The whole failure prediction system is made up of a data collector, a failure predictor and a failure management module, which is shown in the following figure.

The data collector consists of Ceilometer and Monasca which can be extended to plugin some other open source data collectors, e.g. Zabbix, Nagios, Cacti. Based on real-time analytics techniques and machine learning techniques, the failure predictor analyses the data gathered by the data collector to automatically determine whether a failure will happen. If a failure is judged, then the failure predictor sends failure notifications to the failure management module (e.g. the Doctor module), which could handle these notifications.

In OPNFV release 2, we limit the scope of this project to the data collector.

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Key Project Facts

Project Creation Date: March 3, 2015
Project Category: Requirements
Lifecycle State: Incubation
Primary Contact: Hai Liu (
Project Lead: Hai Liu (
Jira Project Name: Data Collection for Failure Prediction
Jira Project Prefix: PREDICTION
Mailing list tag: [prediction]

Committers and Contributors


  • Hai Liu,
  • Yijun Yu,
  • Jun Li,
  • Yifei Xue,
  • Linghui Zeng,
  • Lanchao Zheng,
  • Qiao Fu,


  • TBD

Communication Channels

IRC : freenode #opnfv-prediction
Mailing List : use opnfv-tech-discuss and tag your emails with [prediction] in the subject for easier filtering
Meetings :
Repository : prediction

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