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Genesis Milestone E report

1. Has your deploy tools been executed in more than one Pharos lab? N/A

2. Are you able to deploy all component versions you have targeted for Brahmaputra? N/A

3. Are all configurations your tool deploys able to be validated with Functest and/or Yardstick? N/A

4. Is your deployment able to be repeated on the same infrastructure without failures? N/A

5. Is your deployment able to be run without failures after a different deployment has been on the infrastructure? N/A

6. Have all known issues been documented and that documentation either integrated into the release or made available on a public page and pointed to through documents that are integrated into the release? N/A

7. Are all known issues (Jira Tickets) prioritized by severity of impact (critical, high, medium, low)? N/A

8. Do all known critical Jira Tickets have a workaround in place? N/A

9. Do all non-critical Jira Tickets have a planned disposition in place (ie. deferred-fix in later release or closed- won't fix)? N/A

10. Is your documentation complete and checked in? If not, how do you plan to deliver it independent of the release? Documentation is partially complete (there are a couple of patches pending).

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