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Project: Release Engineering


The Release Engineering project provides automation, tooling and software infrastructure support for OPNFV projects to achieve E2E automation in order to make sure all repeating/day to day activities are run in automated fashion, the tools community relies on is up and running at all times, and release related activities are handled properly.

In short, Release Engineering project is a software development infrastructure project similar to OpenStack Infra and can be seen as OPNFV Infra project.

The scope of Release Engineering project includes

  • collecting requirements from all OPNFV projects regarding automation and tooling, analyzes, and realizes them
  • putting requirements on all OPNFV projects to make sure solutions are as common as possible to all projects
  • creating scripts and Jenkins jobs in order to automate what can be automated
  • evaluating and setting up, and maintaining the tools that are needed by the community
  • providing software infrastructure support with regards to tools, scripts, and Jenkins jobs
  • guiding OPNFV community with automation tasks
  • providing documentation

Please see the Release Engineering Project Proposal for more details.


Releng project does not have standing meetings. All the committers and contributors can be reached via IRC on different OPNFV channels.

Way of Working

A survey within Releng Team has been held in order to get input regarding the team logistics/WoW. The logistics/WoW is decided as below in order to keep things simple to start with.

  • A change to releng repo must have at least one +2 from any committer but the owner before it can be submitted to master.
  • A change to releng repo can be submitted whenever it fulfils the submit rule above.
  • Releng Team holds weekly team meetings every Monday, 14:00-15:00 UTC.
  • Releng Team uses #opnfv-octopus@Freenode chatroom for day to day communication/collaboration.

Please see the survey results from this link.

Contributions to OpenStack

Releng Project has been contributing to OpenStack Infra in order to patch missing functionality and use it in OPNFV.

Please see the details and accepted/merged commits on below table.

Component Subject Is in use by OPNFV?
Jenkins Job Builder Add support for forbidden file paths in gerrit trigger Yes
Jenkins Job Builder Validate and set compare types in gerrit trigger Yes
Jenkins Job Builder Add Google Cloud Storage Plugin support No
Jenkins Job Builder Add Disable Failed Job Plugin support No
Jenkins Job Builder Pass through git revision to triggered jobs Yes

Key Project Facts

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  • Shuai Chen (Huawei):
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