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Minutes of Technical Community Discussion on November 13, 2014

  • Date and Time: UTC 14:00, Thursday November 13, 2014
  • Convenor: Bin Hu (AT&T)
  • Participants:
    • Carlos Goncalves (NEC)
    • Cliff Young (ClearPath)
    • Dave Lenrow (HP)
    • Dave Neary (Red Hat)
    • Hesam Rahimi (Ciena)
    • Hiro Maeda
    • Huailin Chen (Array Networks)
    • Jonne Soininen (NSN)
    • Jinri Huang (China Mobile)
    • Margaret Chiosi (AT&T)
    • Mario Torrecillas Rodriguez (ARM)
    • Marie-Paule Odini (HP)
    • Martin Taylor (Metaswitch)
    • Michael Lynch (Intel)
    • Morgan Richomme (Orange)
    • Ryota Mibu (NEC)
    • Ulrich Kleber (Huawei)

Mike described 2 comments he got last week, i.e. the consumption model of VNF related to KPI monitoring, and failover of DPDK-enabled cores. Mike addressed those 2 comments by adding the clarification of how VNF is expected to consume the performance and traffic related information provided by this project, and by clarifying that failover is out of scope of this project, and may need a new project proposal.

Dave raise a concern that if a project scope is too narrow, there might be too many projects addressing the same problem space, for example DPDK. He proposed that we should consider the project scope to be broad enough to address various issues in the same problem space. Dave's proposal was agreed by the group.

Mike agreed and will make minor change of failover so that it will be within the scope of the project, but perhaps the 2nd phase so that we will focus on the deliverables of the 1st phase.

Group agreed that the project proposal is mature and ready for formal TSC review, given Mike will make the change of the scope.

Mike presented the scope and deliverables of the project, i.e. defining and executing an appropriate set of tests in order to objectively measure the current telco characteristics of a virtual switch in the NFVI.

There was a question if we intend to develop it by ourselves or ask upstream projects o do it, e.g. OVS. Mike indicated that he is open to suggestions of available open source projects. There was a concern that there are 20 different forks of OVS, and no idea of where to start.

There was an expectation to have a right set of apps and traffic patterns. Trevor said that the Test and Performance call will address the details of the traffic profiles (vPE, vEPC).

Mike agreed that this project will closely coordinate with test group, and leverage what will be chose there.

MP asked a question about whether to use open source VNF or vendor proprietary VNF. It was agreed that we will use whatever we will have, because there is very few open source VNFs.

Dave wanted to see committer diversity. And because of the high responsibility of committer, Dave wanted to make sure we have the best possible committers. Cliff and Martin indicated that ClearPath and Metaswitch wanted to support and contribute to it.

It was agreed that we can have diversified committer at the 2nd step of the project when we need to commit the code to the repository. We can focus on the 1st step of defining the tests for now.

MP asked another question about whether the test platform will be hosted by Linux Foundation, or by some vendor. Mike clarified that it will be hosted by LF. Test should be generic enough for any vSwitch.

Mike agreed that he would make minor change to include the 2nd step within the scope of the project instead of proposing a different project.

Group agreed that the project proposal is mature and ready for formal TSC review, given Mike will make the change of the scope.

No one from China Mobile presented it. Bin will communicate with China Mobile and determine their interest of presenting it in this meeting.

  • Discussion of other projects

None. Meeting adjourned

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