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Minutes of Technical Community Discussion on December 12, 2014

  • Date and Time: UTC 14:00, Friday December 12, 2014
  • Convenor: Bin Hu (AT&T)
  • Participants:
    • Alexandru Vaduva (ENEA)
    • Bryan Sullivan (AT&T)
    • Carlos Goncalves (NEC)
    • Cliff Young (ClearPath)
    • Dave Lenrow (HP)
    • Morgan Richomme (Orange)
    • Parviz Yegani (Juniper)
    • Rajeev Seth (Sonus Networks)
    • Stuart Mackie (Juniper)
    • Ulrich Kleber (Huawei)
  • Special Session to Discuss OSCAR Project Proposal

Stuart Mackie from Juniper presented revised OSCAR project proposal.

Dave Lenrow commented that OSCAR overlaps a lot with CI and Bootstrap projects. Dave felt that OSCAR would create another OPNFV inside OPNFV without working with other projects. Dave suggested to figure out how to work inside Octopus to achieve the goal of OSCAR.

Bryan clarified that Octopus doesn't explicitly define installer, deployment tools and VNFs. Octopus wiki doesn't describe it clearly. It might be hidden. If it is hidden, it doesn't exist.

Dave and Uli explained that part of CI is build process, and the other part of CI is deployment process and tools. Dave suggested that it could considered as a sub-group under Octopus to address the need of a specific set of configurations / combinations.

Uli further indicated that we have Bootstrap project to get off the ground and possible different components from upstream projects. We have CI project for build and deployment. We have test projects for test infrastructure, test process and test cases. If we take OSCAR, because it is already a product, how can we evolve OPNFV?

Dave added that the goal of OPNFV and OSCAR are identical. And we don't want another OPNFV inside OPNFV.

Praviz indicated that there is no conflict between CI and OSCAR. BGS is just a sandbox.

Dave suggested to take a look at existing projects, talk to people extensively and assess if the goal can be addressed within the scope of existing projects before creating a new project. We want to see effort to integrate into community.

Bryan had an action item to start an email communication thread with open questions to clarify what are indeed in the scope of CI and Bootstrap, whether or not those major overlaps remain, what is the current understanding of uniqueness of CI v.s. Bootstrap v.s. OSCAR, and what are the potential value OSCAR could bring to the community, i.e. the diversity in the stack components that can be deployed as OPNFV-compliant reference implementations.

Uli had an action item to look at revised OSCAR project proposal wiki, and see what are major concerns of overlap.

Stuart will modify wiki to further clarify.

All agreed to continue the discussion in mailing list.

Meeting adjourned.

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