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Minutes of Technical Community Discussion on February 26, 2015

  • Date and Time: UTC 14:00, Thursday Febuary 26, 2015
  • Convenor: Bin Hu (AT&T)
  • Participants:
    • Badri Narayananb (Calsoft Labs)
    • Dave Neary (RedHat)
    • Howard Huang (Huawei)
    • Iben Rodriguez (Spirent)
    • Jim Chen (Northwestern Univesity)
    • John McNamara (Intel)
    • Juha Oravainen (NSN)
    • Kaan Sonal (Turkcell)
    • Keith Wiles (Intel)
    • Krishna
    • Le Wang (Ericsson)
    • Michael Godley (Intel)
    • Praveen Kumar
    • Tianran Zhou (Huawei)
    • Tim O'Driscoll (Intel)
    • Yimin Wang (Huawei)

Tianran Zhou from Huawei described the update of the proposal. Basically:
- a diagram showing ETSI NFV architecture, and scope of the project
- clarification of deliverables
- work items to achieve synergy with other entities

There was no comment or feedback from audience. The consensus is that this proposal is mature and ready for formal creation review and approval in TSC

Iben introduced the effort of using SaltStack for platform deployment. It was recognized that it is not a formal project proposal, because there wasn't a team to work on it. And Iben might not be able to run it as a project because of bandwidth limitation. Iben was asking for community support of this SaltStack installer.

The discussion focused on various efforts in BGS, OSCAR and Octopus projects, and how BGS, OSCAR and Octopus are related and collaborated together. The reality was recognized that multiple installers are being experimented in BGS. Octopus provides the framework and hook to choose different alternatives of components at each level of stack during build and deployment stage. The toolchain allows the diversity of component choices, while maintain a consistent build framework. BGS is not prescriptive of a particular installer.

It was suggested that this proposal could be the 4th experiment in BGS project. And in fact, Frank mentioned 4 efforts in BGS - Foreman/QuickStack, Fuel, OpenSteak and SaltStack.

Iben will further explore
- community support of SaltStack
- Add a column of SaltStack on the existing experiment table in BGS project.

Meeting adjourned

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