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Minutes of Technical Community Discussion on June 04, 2015

  • Date and Time: UTC 13:00, Thursday June 04, 2015
  • Convener: Bin Hu (AT&T)
  • Participants:
    • Adrian Hoban (Intel)
    • Al Morton (AT&T)
    • Brian Ketchum (Spirent)
    • Bryan Sullivan (AT&T)
    • Dan Druta (AT&T)
    • Dave Neary(Red Hat)
    • Dave Urschatz (CENGN)
    • Dick Chen (ZTE)
    • Kubi
    • Larry Lamers (VMWare)
    • Michael Bugenhagen (Century Link)
    • Michael Lynch (Intel)
    • Nick (TimerCable)
    • Prakash Ramchandran (Huawei)
    • Praveen Kumar
    • Raymond Nugent(Huawei)
    • Tapio Tallgren (Nokia)
    • Tim Fall (Midokura)
  • Upstream Feature Development and Cross-Project Collaboration
    • Status update on active items

No update from community

  • Status update on areas of interest

No update from community

  • Draft Blueprints Discussion
    • TBD
  • Other cross-project topics

No update from community. Bin will look into details of the projects

Tim from Midokura introduced this project.

Dave Neary (RedHat) asked if MidoNet is purely an overlay SDN. Tim responded that they actively participated in OpenStack, and heavily worked on Service Chaining. Dave further asked the underlay network management. Tim answered that they have finished QoS management in underlay network. They tried to stay neutral as much as possible. They support OVSDB protocol which allows them to do some underlay management. In NB, they consume Neutron API and provide API upstream to VNF. In SB, they delegate underlay management to ODL.

Tapio (Nokia) indicated that there is minimum development work. So it seems more appropriate to categorize it as Integration project. Tim agreed.

Prakash (Huawei) asked license model. Tim indicated that they use RedHat model. MidoNet is under Apace 2.0 license.

Bin summarized that:
- MidoNet provides an overlay SDN solution in OPNFV stack, and adds value to OPNFV platform
- Suggest to revise the proposal and make it Integration category
- Because there is only one committer who is also the only contributor, suggest to build the community and get more committers and contributors in order to make the project successful

Tim agreed to report it to HQ and discuss it internally. Tim will send an email to mailing list to describe how they will move forward. It is expected to have further discussion at next meeting on June 11 in order to get it ready for creation review.

Meeting adjourned.

Meeting adjourned.

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