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Project Name: ONOS Framework (ONOSFW)

  • Name for the project: ONOS Framework (onosfw)
  • Proposed name for the repository: onosfw
  • Categories: Collaborative Development

Project Status

  • Milestones A,B,C, and D met on time
  • Currently working on Milestone D/E in parallel
  • ML2 plugin has been posted for code review
  • ML3 plugin has been posted for code review
  • SFC support has been added for ONOS and pushed into Emu version of ONOS
  • Fuel installer: in process
  • JuJu installer: in process
  • Compass installer: in process
  • Apex installer: in process

Primary Repo



Meeting details:
When: Bi-weekly Wednesday 17:00-17:30 am PDT (Thursday 00:00-00:30 UTC)
Goto Meeting, Meeting ID: 796-752-669
IRC channel: #onosfw @ Freenode

Next meeting will be September 2, 2015.

Meeting Announcements & Minutes can be tracked at This allows us to capture the minutes from the meeting, but to then have a dialogue without modifying the recorded minutes.

Discussion Forum

Project Proposal Slides:

Project Description:

A number of SDN/NFV technologies have been developed since the dawn of open networking. Each approach has demonstrated its unique value in specific application domains. As stated in the white paper,, OPNFV is to create a common platform that will encourage open source development for NFV and to create a heterogeneous & collaborative environment.

This project addresses integrating an SDN controller of choice based on a target applications or use cases within the OPNFV defined NFVI and VIM framework. It aims to provide end user and open source community with greater flexibility to build service applications, and to help leverage corresponding open source development efforts and results as well. Furthermore, it will create some common framework elements to address multi tenancy support, integration between the network controller and a DPI engine for context-based flow policies. It will also provide driver integration to support the Neutron ML2 plugin.

This project uses ONOS as an SDN controller within the VIM. ONOS is designed and optimized for carriers’ operation environments. The intent framework of ONOS is an ideal match for separating abstraction concerns for deployment of underlay and overlay resources, besides policy-based projects such as Copper. Along with its precise flow control capability, ONOS provides users with greater freedom for controlling data traffic. ONOS represents a simple core plus rich extensible modular service utilities controller design paradigm. It enables developers to quickly create needed applications. Many OPNFV applications can be easily built by extending ONOS' support library. Several potential use cases are listed below:

This project is intended to co-exist with other SDN controllers to ensure users have the flexibility of choosing the best of breed to meet their specific needs, recognizing that "one size fits all" may not always be sufficient. It will follow the procedures as specified in the test and integration projects in the category. It will further comply with the requirements specified in projects Copper, Octopus, BGS, OSCAR, and Pharos.


  • The phase 1 of this project is limited to the framework of ONOS for integrating with VIM as an SDN controller. There are three integral pieces of the work: NB DevOps framework, OPNFV service supporting library, and SB DevOps framework.
  • For ONOSFW's first release, will include integration of ONOS controller into CI, BGS, or OPNFV's Arno+ platform, driver work to add ONOS support to ML2 Neutron plugin, and some (TBD) multi tenancy support to address the various Linux Namespace issues with large scale virtualization infrastructure. Initially, using OpenStack: Security Beyond Firewalls as a guiding point.
  • NB DevOps framework comprises two components: ONOS Restful API and Openstack support module/VAS. Through the Restful API, L2DB and L3DB in ML2 and ML3 Plug-ins of Neutron are passed into ONOS for topology management and other virtual network support functions. The API will include the declaration of network, subnet, port, tunnel, etc. as other SDN controllers do. The Openstack support module/VAS includes interfaces to vSwitch topology management, VM to vSwitch bonding, UNIFV interface creation, VLAN provisioning, MAC and ARP table management, etc. The upstream to Neutron plug-in ensures seamlessness in operation, while VAS lib allows integration of different open source packages.
  • Extensible service support utilities will initially include topology plug-in to Horizon, intent state management, and resource allocation modules.
  • SB DevOps framework solves the adaptation of virtual and physical underlay infrastructure. Phase 1 will include OVSDB, OF, BYO, and Netconf support. Note: PCEP or alternate Path computation support will be integrated if there is a demand for it.
  • To identify and document interface/API specification for system operation and extension,
  • Add Unit/Integration Test plans to tempest to support integration in upstream OpenStack Modules as well as other OPNFV tools.
  • Provide tools for Debugging and Tracing of the operational state of this project in Openstack modules in OPNFV tools
  • Interaction and federation with other controller is out of scope phase 1 & 2 of this proposal
  • Extension to Phase 1 will be adding more service supporting modules.
  • Targeted installers currently include Compass, Foreman, Juju, and Docker (inclusion and prioritization is based on resource participation).

NFV Requirement:

  • Heterogeneous SDN controller support
  • VIM-based network control
  • Ability to provision physical network resources into virtual resources, and then to allocate virtual resources

Testability: ‘‘(optional, Project Categories: Integration & Testing)''

  • Unit and integration test procedures and scripts will be based on 1-2 use cases.
  • The interoperability, scalability, high availability will be left to other Projects in OPNFV and this project may provide Q&A and test advice to those projects (?)
  • Any enhancement within the scope of this project will be under Octopus(CI) along with parser and other tools for testing both Openstack and SDN modules

Function Test:

Onosfw function test, see more in Functest:ONOS test

Documentation: ‘‘(optional, Project Categories: Documentation)''

* Functional block description
* Development interfaces will be documented in OPNFV/ONOS APIs guide. 
* User interfaces for end-user will be documented in OpenStack/OPNFV user guide.


  • This project will support requirements proposed in OPNFV OCSAR, OCTOPUS, BGS, and upstream project(s) plug-ins in Openstack [like Neutron, Horizon, Keystone and corresponding python clients/agents/drivers].
  • Release 1 will only include definition of requirements in open source upstream projects coinciding with April 23, 2015 and will be using Liberty release of Openstack for Release 2 OPNFV, Cordinal of OPNFV.
  • Still to completely identify any specific development to be staged with respect to the upstream project.
  • This project has dependencies on ONOS blackbird release (March 15, 2015) for core functionalities, and subsequent releases (May &August time frame) for NetConf/Multi-tenant support. Refer
  • This project keystone package has dependencies on ONOS Blackbird/Cordinal release (May/August ) for Multi-tenancy inclusion in Blackbird/Cordoba Release and alternate would be this add-on a temporary plug-in for keystone ID management via a plug-in for OPNFV in upstream.

Committers and Contributors:

Project Lead:

  • Ashlee Young (Huawei,


  • Zhao Kexue (Huawei,
  • Patrick Liu (Huawei,
  • Ashlee Young (Huawei,
  • Prakash Ramchandran (Huawei,
  • Daniel Smith (Ericsson,
  • Brian O’Conner (ON.Lab,
  • Zhanghouyu (Huawei,
  • Zhou Bob (Huawei,
  • Lanqinglong (Huawei,
  • Jiangrui (Huawei,
  • Xuzhang (Huawei,
  • Lishuai (Huawei,
  • Jiangchunchen (Huawei,
  • Zhangyuanyou (Huawei,


  • Huangzhipeng (Huawei,
  • Robert Tao (Huawei,
  • Hongbo Tian (Huawei,
  • William Snow (ON.Lab,
  • Wei Su (Huawei,
  • Tom Tofigh (AT&T,
  • Alex Zhang (China Mobile US Lab,
  • Yang Jian (China Mobile CMRI,
  • Min He (Fujitsu,
  • Liang Ou (China Telecom,
  • Hu Xiaohong (ZTE,
  • Wei Zhou (China Unicom,
  • Ying Cheng (China Unicom,
  • Yiqiang Hua (China Unicom,
  • Jie Miao (China Unicom,
  • John Strassner (Huawei,
  • Harsha Alapati (Ericsson,
  • Mark Gray (Intel,
  • Eric Sindelar (Supermicro,
  • Chris Beekman (Supermicro,
  • Etay Nir (Palo Alto Software,
  • Tongjj (China Unicom,
  • GanZhen (China Unicom,
  • Lijy (China Unicom,
  • Cathy (Huawei,
  • Vikram Choudhary (Huawei,

Planned Deliverables

  • This project will release package as OPNFV and open source upstream projects.
  • It has multiple dependencies across other project categories, including Congress, Neutron, and Horizon in Openstack; and OPNFV controller in basic requirements. These are listed as below.


  • Frameworks for SDN in OpenStack/SDN Controller(s) – This includes Interface Neutron ML2/ML3 Plug-in, GUI add on to Horizon, NB DevOps framework with service API, SB DevOps framework with adaptor APIs, ONOS and Service support modules/VAS lib.
  • Specification by May 23
  • Package release plan November 10-13

2. Nova

  • Specification May 23
  • Package release plan October 23

3. Neutron

  • Specification May 23
  • Package release plan October 23

4. Horizon

  • Specification May 23
  • Package release plan October 23

5. Keystone

  • Specification May 23
  • Package release plan October 23

Proposed Release Schedule:

  • The first release in design documentation and is planned for specification in OPNFV is April 23.
  • The actual code and integration may occur upstream and in some form as tool in OPNFV Release 2 scheduled in November of 2015.

ONOSFW_Overview_v1 0.pdf

*Using OPNFV Project Proposal Template Draft version: 1.0 (February 11, 2015)

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