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Compass Based OPNFV Installer Project Proposal

Project proposal meta-data

  • Proposed name for project: Compass4nfv
  • Proposed name for the repository: compass4nfv
  • Project Category: Integration and testing

Project description:

Compass4nfv is an installer project based on open source project Compass, which provides automated deployment and management of OpenStack and other distributed systems. It can be considered as what the LiveCD to a single box for a pool of servers – bootstrapping the server pool. Compass project follows the OpenStack community's four opens: Open Source, Open Community, Open Development, and Open Design.

In this project, we will leverage Compass core features and its extensible architect to support the installation of OPNFV release. It will support deployment of OPNFV full stack, with different flavors of configuration, on both bare-metal servers and virtual machines.

Some of the unique values that Compass will bring to the OPNFV community includes the following:

  • It provides programmability to the operators who take care of infrastructure bootstrapping process. This allows easy integration with operators's OSS and other ecosystem tools.
  • It provides extensibility through meta-data. Metadata allows specification of a target system configuration in a user-friendly format without changing the source code of Compass. For example, users can be use metadata to support a different flavor of OpenStack configuration, which differs slightly from the default OPNFV release by Compass4nfv.
  • Plugins support also allows users to extend the system. This includes the support of a different underly configuration management tools. For example, currently Compass support Chef, and Ansible. In Compass4nfv project, Ansible will be used by default. But a 3rd-party developer could provide a plugin to support puppet-base or Chef-based underlying package management. The web UI and API layers from Compass do not change.


The scope of the proposal includes the following:

  • A framework to deploy into OPNFV CI environment for bare-metal, and virtual resources
  • Working closely with OPNFV's testing projects to improve integration of upstream components, e.g functest, yardstick
  • Supporting Widely collaboration with integration of all open source SDN controllers, e.g ONOS, ODL etc
  • Making all code changes as upstream as possible into respective projects

Building blocks

  • Provisioning specified Distros on baremetal nodes(or simulator VMs).
  • Ansible-based installation and configuration of OpenStack Kilo/Liberty.
  • Ansible-based installation and configuration of OpenDayLight Lithium/ ONOS drake.
  • Integration of OpenStack and ODL but not limited to ODL as SDN controller.
  • Configuration of Open vSwitch to be managed by OpenDayLight.

Committers and Contributors

Name and affiliation of the project leader:

* Weidong (Huawei) :

Names and affiliations of the committers:

  • Prakash Ramchandran (Huawei):
  • Justin (Huawei) :
  • Iben Rodriguez :
  • Tim Rozet (Red Hat):
  • Chenshuai (Huawei) :
  • Ashlee Young (Huawei):

Names and affiliations of the contributors:

  • Matthew (Huawei) :
  • meimei (Huawei) :
  • Xuhan (Huawei) :
  • Kenn (Huawei) :
  • White (Huawei) :
  • Wanglei (Huawei) :

Planned deliverables

  • Compass4nfv Installer based on Compass open source for OPNFV Pharos based standard OPNFV with ODL & ONOS stacks
  • Compass4nfv - Documentation (ODL / ONOSFW versions)
  • Compass4nfv - CI plugins for OPNFV

Proposed Release Schedule

First Compass4nfv release will be in OPNFV R2 Brahmaputra release (November/December 2015) with the following tentative release contents:

  • OpenStack release: Kilo/Liberty (Keystone, Glance, Nova, Neutron, Ceph, Horizon, Heat, Ceilometer)
  • SDN release: ODL (Lithium) / ONOS (Drake)
  • OPNFV carried octopus(CI) Integration for Brahmaputra Release
  • Linux support for Ubuntu 14.04, Centos7.1 and Open SUSE 11.04 SP3

Deployment Guide

Compass OPNFV Deployment

Integration API

Compass Plugin Integration API

Milestone Report

Compass Milestone C Report

Compass Milestone D Report


Compass Weekly Meeting

Brahmaputra status

Upstream projects

Compass4nfv is relying on following upstream projects:

  • Open Daylight - Common Requirements from past BGS/genesis OPNFV projects
  • ONOS - Requirements from ONOSFW OPNFV projects (Matching base SDN modules as in ODL standard edition)
  • OVS - Requirements from 3 specified Linus distributions and their upgrades
  • Linux - 3 Stated Linux distributions as stated in tentative release content

Key Project Facts

Project Name: Compass4nfv
Repo name: compass4nfv
Project Category: Integration and testing
Lifecycle State: Proposal approved
Primary Contact: Weidong shao(
Project Lead: Weidong shao
Jira Project Name: Compass4nfv
Jira Project Prefix: COMPASS
mailing list tag [COMPASS]
Weidong shao (
Prakash Ramchandran (
Justin chi (
Iben Rodriguez (
Tim Rozet (
Chenshuai (
Ashlee Young (

Link to TSC approval:
Link to approval of additional submitters:

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