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Community tips & tricks

Mailing lists and other communication channels

You would need to subscribe to a few mailing lists:

  • You most likely want to subscribe to the "opnfv-tech-discuss" mailing list here
  • And if you are interested in following the OPNFV technical governance, you may want to subscribe to the "OPNFV TSC" mailing list here
  • Another communication forum that might be worth-while following, and providing answers to is the OPNFV ASK forum

When posting a message to the mailing lists You must tag the message with an appropriate subject! In case you want to send out a message related to the Fuel@OPNFV project please tag the subject by providing the following text to the e-mail subject field: [opnfv-tech-discuss][fuel]<subject>

In general, the "opnfv-tech-discuss" mailing list is quite busy, in many cases too busy to handle, it is advisable to set-up remote filters, this can be done here

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