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1. Project name SDN VPN

2. Project status indicator for milestone C readiness: Green/Yellow/Red; GREEN = on track; YELLOW = working minor issues to get back on track; RED = offtrack with major issues Yellow

3.Name of person providing status Tim Irnich

4.a link to your Jira tasks (filtered on R2)

5.a link to your Jira dashboard

6.a statement of your progress at linking cross project dependencies in Jira Done: We have reported installer requirements in Genesis and testing requirements in functest and Yardstick.

7.a statement of your readiness (detailed planning complete & in Jira) for your first sprint or first development cycle (if not agile) Ongoing: Epics have been created for the release, and stories have been created within. Stories have been identified for the first sprint but assignments have only partly been done.

8.a statement of your readiness (high level planning complete & in Jira) for future sprints Ongoing: Time planning is currently ongoing.

9.a statement about any issues you have Due to the late start of the project we are required to take a pragmatic approach to planning currently to meet the timeline for Milestone C. & when you will finish getting your tasks & dependencies into Jira if not complete We expect that most of the tasks and dependencies will be entered in Jira by the end of today (Friday 25th Sept). Smaller adjustments are conceivable later. and when you will get ready to start development for Brahmaputra if not ready now We expect to start development work within the next weeks, after the planning has been finalized and anchored.

12.a statement summarizing your project risk analysis & planning status Risk level is medium. For the ODL based realization we are dependent on a BGP stack for the ODL VPNservice which is not secured yet but work is ongoing and we expect resolution of this issue well within the required timeline for Brahmaputra. The project has started only recently and hence the planning is not completely documented in Jira yet. The scope is nevertheless well understood and all functional requirements from upstream components are fulfilled with the exception of BGP stack as explained above.

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