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This is the WIKI-page for the Fuel@OPNFV project which intends to integrate the OPNFV features with the Fuel stack installer/deployer. This project is member of the Genesis project.


  • Since February 25 - 2016, Fuel@OPNFV Brahmaputra is released. The master branch is now open for C-release. The stable/brahmaputra branch is open for brahmaputra release 2 content. All Brahmaputra release 2 fixes must be cherry picked from master after they have been verified/relevant deployment scenario has been ran. The Brahmaputra release 2 status can be found here
  • Since February 5 - 2016, Fuel@OPNFV is at hard code-freeze. This means that all up-streams project repositories have been nailed down to specific commit-id's on stable/brahmaputra and that only hot-fixes are allowed into dtable/brahmaputra. All fixes must be cherry picked from master after they have been verified/relevant deployment scenario has been ran. The release status can be found here
  • Except for the Fuel master node, CENTOS will not be a supported OS option for the Fuel@OPNFV Brahmaputra release, Ubuntu 14.04 will be the only supported host OS option (this includes OpenStack-controllers, OpenStack-compute nodes, as well as any other OPNFV stack-plugin-roles)

Community committers

  • Jonas Bjurel ( - Committer - Project lead
  • Stefan Berg ( - Committer
  • Daniel Smith ( - Committer
  • Michal Skalski ( - Committer
  • Guo Ruijing ( - Committer
  • Szilard Cserey ( - Committer

More hands on this project are more than welcome! If you want to help, follow the instructions "How to participate and help-out" further down on this page.



Brahmaputra - RELEASED

Technical discussions:

  • Repo-structure & Build Etherpad
  • Deploy system and configuration Etherpad
  • Developers-pipeline
  • OVS
  • ODL, SFC & L3VPN
  • OpenContrail
  • ONOS
  • KVM
  • ARM-band

Fuel@OPNFV forums and meetings

Mailing list receiver:; subject: [fuel]"topic"

  • IRC-channel: opnfv-bgs
  • Weekly meetings:
    • There is one weekly Fuel@OPNFV meeting on Thursdays @ 2.00 PM CET Details here!
    • We also have casual meetings Tuesdays @ 2.30 PM CET (no agenda/no meeting notes)
    • There is one weekly upstream meeting Thursdays @ 17.00 CET - Details here!

Upstream project dependencies

How to participate and help-out

Fuel@OPNFV Resources, Howto and FAQ

OPNFV Community tips & tricks

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