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Bottom Up Exercise

Our bottom-up exercise is targeted to develop a Proof-of-Concept (PoC) of creating a Service VM as an IPv6 vRouter in OPNFV environment, i.e. integrated OpenStack with Open Daylight environment. We have 2 goals of this exercise:

  • Deliver the PoC of a Service VM as an IPv6 vRouter in Brahmaputra Release
  • Perform gap analysis with OpenStack and Open Daylight

Architectural Design

Please go to PoC Design page, Figure POC-X3, for the architecture design of using a Service VM as an IPv6 vRouter

PoC Environmental Setup

Our PoC environment is set up within the OPNFV Community Lab from Spirent. Please click here for the details of lab environment and setup of the PoC.

Please note that the details, such as hostname, IP address, etc. in the following sections are referred to the environmental details above

PoC Implementation

There are three major phases to implement this PoC:

PoC Testing

Step 4 Creating Networks and Subnets of PoC Implementation has already described the basic steps of testing. Please click HERE for the details of test plan of PoC.

Alternative Implementation on Native OpenStack + ML2OVS without Open Daylight

Because of the gaps in ODL, effectively the role of ODL in the integrated environment is the same as OVS to provide VMs with L2 connectivity. No additional ODL feature is used in the integrated environment. Thus alternatively, the Service VM-based IPv6 vRouter can be set up in the OpenStack environment with ML2 OVS without ODL.

Please click here for instructions to set up an IPv6 vRouter on a Service VM in such environment.

Jenkins Integration

The goal of Jenkins integration is to automate the steps and commands in our PoC implementation as much as we can.

Please click here for Jenkins Integration

Roadmap / Next Steps

Our Phase 1 Work covers the design and implementation of IPv6 vRouter in native OpenStack environment and ODL-integrated environment. The Phase 1 work will be part of Brahmaputra release.

In Phase 2, we are planning to expand the PoC experiment to cover more scenarios in various environments:

  • OpenContrail-integrated environment
  • ONOS-integrated environment
  • Midonet-integrated environment
  • Integrated environments with other SDN controllers.

The community support is essential to achieving this roadmap. All community members are very welcome to experiment this PoC based the above steps and guidelines, and more importantly to try it out in expanded environments and analyze gaps if any.

In Phase 3, we are planning to bring them up as full-blown IPv6 environments for various testing, including performance testing.


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