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OPNFV Project Proposals


All projects in proposed state must be listed here for a period of at least two weeks prior to approval review by the TSC. Create your proposal according to the project proposal template and post your proposal to the TSC and technical discussion lists. (See the checklist for project proposal & creation review )

Please use the project proposal template for your proposals and list the proposal on this page in the respective section below.

As a reminder, from the most recent Project Lifecycle document, Projects in different categories can create code (e.g. collaborative development, integration & testing, or even documentation projects could create code), hence “code production” isn’t a category of its own.

Proposed Requirement Projects

The following proposed projects are related to development of requirements for the OPNFV reference platform.

List of proposed projects

Project proposal Note
OVN for NFV -
“Transformer” - Carrier Grade Requirements for Network Transformation The project is planned to participate in the C-release
OpenContrail Quickstart -

List of withdrawn projects

Withdrawn project Note
Salt Stack OPNFV Builder Integrated into the BGS project for Arno.
MidoNet SDN as a Network Provider -
Rescuer Withdrawn on June 6, 2015
vaccine Merged with Doctor, Pinpoint

Proposed Integration & Testing projects

(A) Proposed Integration Projects

(B) Proposed Testing projects

Documentation projects

The following projects are related to development of documentation for the OPNFV reference platform.

  • -
Withdrawn proposals

The following projects were proposed for creation, but were withdrawn before approval by the TSC, or were merged into an alternative project.

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