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Yardstick Project Planning

===== From September 23rd, 2015 the information on this page is no longer maintained,  
refer to Jira links for information about Yardstick planned and current work. ====  
Looking for Yardstick Status & Test Cases?
Yardstick Jira Dashboard
Yardstick Kanban board
Yardstick Test cases
To set up Yardstick Dashboard in Jira:
Dashboards → Manage Dashboards → Yardstick
===== This page shows planned work for Yardstick Project ====       

Planned Epics for B Release

Slogan Jira issue
Methodology for infrastructure verification from VNF perspective
Framework for realizing the methodology for infrastructure verification from VNF perspective
Test cases for infrastructure verification from VNF perspective
OPNFV Infrastructure verification from VTC perspective
Test stimuli for infrastructure verification
OPNFV Infrastructure verification from SFC perspective

Additional Planned Epics (non-mandatory for B Release)

Slogan Jira issue
Yardstick Framework supports OPNFV installers that are part of Genesis
Yardstick communication with other frameworks

Work In Progress

Iteration End Date Jira issues in progress Demo date Done Comments
#5 September 24th October 1st
#4 August 27th September 3rd & August 20th
#3 July 30th 20th was added to clarifty the separation for the work related to support for pktgen (already in place) to the work related to the test case (not completed)
#2 July 2nd -documentation not done
#1 June 4th June 4th June 18th can be closed after demo, demo was postponed due to Arno release prio


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