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Enhancements of current components and work areas for FastDataStacks

Key work areas for composing the intial FastDataStack out of OpenStack, OpenDaylight, VPP:

  1. OpenStack / OpenDaylight enhancements
    1. O/S Neutron - ODL Neutron Northbound: Evolve OpenStack - OpenDaylight ML2 driver (enhanced synchronization and cluster support)
  2. OpenDaylight enhancements
    1. Create GBP (Group Based Policy) Mapper (part of the ODL GBP project) for necessary Neutron Objects
    2. Extend GBP infrastructure to allow End-Point Configuration
    3. Augment/extend ODL Topology info to capture provider networks
    4. GBP renderer for VPP/Netconf (part of the ODL GBP project)
  3. FD.IO enhancements
    1. Honeycomb enhancements: YANG model, NSH in VPP, associated API/ABIs in VPP
    2. vhostuser support
    3. TAP interface support
  4. Installer enhancements
    1. VPP plugin for APEX,..
  5. Testing/QA
    1. Sytem level testing
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