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Minutes of IPv6 Project Meeting on August 07, 2015

  • Date and Time: PDT 8:00am / UTC 15:00, Friday August 07, 2015
  • Chair: Bin Hu (AT&T)
  • Participants:
    • Iben Rodriguez (Spirent)
    • Manuel Rebellon (Sandvine)
    • Mark Medina (ClearPath)
    • Meenakshi
    • Sridhar Gaddam (RedHat)
  • Roll call
  • Admin Update
    • B Release Planning Update
      • Detailed dependencies and milestones needed by PM of B Release
        • e.g. which upstream and which release, which blueprints, and what quality level do they have to be at
        • needed by EOB Monday 08/10

Bin introduced current state of B release planning. Current proposed date is Feb 2, 2016. Board wants to release it in December in order to catch the market. Current B release is proposed to be based on OpenStack Liberty targeted on 11/15/2015, and Open Daylight Beryllium targeted on 02/04/2016.

Group discussed dependencies on OpenStack version and Open Daylight version. Previously, our work is based on Kilo and Lithium. Considering B release will be based on Liberty and Beryllium, but we do not have to base our deliverables on something unstable / immature.

Liberty’s benefit is IPv6 Prefix Delegation, which allows us to use Service VM / vRouter to create IPv6 subnet. The target date is 09/03/2015 (Liberty-3). Thus we are quite comfortable at basing our deliverables on Liberty. The expected quality level is "Official Release".

Open Daylight doesn’t support Security Group feature. So if we intends to support ODL, we need to completely disable Security Group feature. Thus “Neutron ML2 Port Security Extension” is not relevant any more, because “Neutron ML2 Port Security Extension” enables security group feature, and allows to disable security group on selected ports.

Considering B release may be changed to December 2015, using Beryllium gives us huge risk. Thus we are comfortable to base our deliverables on Lithium. The fallback is to use ML2 OVS without ODL.

Group agreed that our deliverables will be scripts running on Jenkins, which can be shared with other community labs. More importantly:
- running Jenkins scripts in LF Lab so that others can duplicate the Jenkins scripts from LF Lab
- Generate release notes and installation guide

  • IPv6 requirements for Brahmaputra and the LF lab

Group agreed that minimum IPv6 Requirement for LF Lab is:
- Liberty
- Service VM should be able to be installed with IPv6 capability (i.e. the ability to get public routable IPv6 address) and reach public Internet.

  • JIRA: IPVSIX-10 Create timeline of milestones of IPv6, and aligned with B release

Group agreed that our milestones should include:
- One month before B Release Date: Jenkins script running in LF Lab
- Others TBD

  • Other update of B Release

Group also discussed test in Service VM (vRouter), i.e.:
- Ping default gateway
- NMAP Neighbors in subnet
- HTTP Get external

  • Jira issue status
  • Gerrit repo status
  • B Release Tasks Update
  • JIRA IPVSIX-11 (Bin) Share experience and documentation of installing Arno on a single laptop
  • JIRA IPVSIX-12 (Bin) IPv6 Support / Gap with ODL
  • JIRA IPVSIX-13 (Sridhar and Mark) Metadata Methodology / cloud.init()

Sridhar introduced the progress of using metadata. Basically, Nova uses metadata to configure VM when it starts a VM. Metadata can be in configuration files as part of the ISO image. Or metadata can be fetched from metadata server.

Sridhar couln't find network configuration related parameters in cloud.init(). Mark said that he read an article on this subject, and would share with the team.

Fallback options are:
- create metadata based on Linux version, e.g. CentOS, Ubuntu
- snapshot image
- document VM configuration steps

  • JIRA IPVSIX-14 (Iben) Test methodoloy, test case development and testing related tasks
  • JIRA IPVSIX-15 (Prakash) Experiment IPv6 in Kilo
  • Multisite IPv6 Community Lab and CI Integration Update (Iben)
  • JIRA: IPVSIX-7 Experiment and document instructions on Jenkins integration
  • JIRA: IPVSIX-9 Setup IPv6 in OPNFV Community Test Labs
  • Build Structure Update from Sridhar
  • PoC Status Update - IPv6 VM Design as vRouter
  • JIRA: IPVSIX-4 Experiment and document instructions on disabling anti-spoofing rules
    • Applying Sridhar's Anti-spoofing patch to disable anti-spoofing rule in Neutron of Juno
    • Progress Update from Mark
  • JIRA: IPVSIX-5 Experiment and document instructions on using Neutron ML2 Port Security Extension
    • Applying Sridhar's instruction to experiment it
    • Progress update from Mark
  • ISO Structure Update (Prakash)
  • JIRA: IPVSIX-6 Propose Metadata structure of IPv6 ISO
    • Progress update from Prakash and Iben in terms of brown field experience, and vPING and vLOOP.
  • Next Step
  • AOB

Bin will look into Iben's permission issue in JIRA. Iben shared more IPv6 information in ODL.

Meeting adjourned.

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