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Intel is providing a hosted test-bed with nine bare-metal environments allocated to different OPNFV projects. Current POD assignments and individual POD details are listed below.


Resource Project(s) Project lead(s) Email(s) POD Role Status Note
POD1 kvm4nfv
Don Dugger
Mark Gray
Other Configuration
POD2 cperf Daniel Farrell
Marcus Williams
CI Stable Assigned
POD3 vsperf Maryam Tahhan Other Configuration
POD4 CI builds Fatih Degirmenci Stand Alone Active
POD5 JOID Artur Tyloch CI Stable Active
POD6 MaaS Narinder Gupta dev/test Active
POD7 Apex Tim Rozet CI Stable Active
POD8 Compass4nfv Weidong CI Stable Active
POD9 StorPerf
Mark Beierl
Hongbo Tian
Other Configuration

Code of Conduct

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Remote Access

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<add comment on JIRA ticket request>



Each POD has access to 1Gbe and 10Gbe networks. You can find more detailed information at the individual POD page. intel_pods.jpg

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