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Project: Fault Management (Doctor)

Doctor is fault management and maintenance project to develop and realize the consequent implementation for the OPNFV reference platform.

The goal of this project is to build fault management and maintenance framework for high availability of Network Services on top of virtualized infrastructure. The key feature is immediate notification of unavailability of virtualized resources from VIM, to process recovery of VNFs on them. Requirement survey and development of missing feature in NFVI and VIM are in scope of this project to fulfill requirements for fault management and maintenance in NFV.

Key Project Facts

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  • Dirk Kutscher (NEC,
  • Palani Chinnakannan (Cisco,
  • Petri Kemppainen (Nokia,
  • Tapio Tallgren (Nokia,
  • Zhangyu (Huawei,
  • Michael Godley (Intel,
  • Andreas Ripke (NEC,
  • Maryam Tahhan (Intel,
  • Gurpreet Singh (Spirent,
  • Iben Rodriguez (
  • Victor Laza (Cloudbase Solutions,
  • Alessandro Tosti (Telecom Italia,
  • Bertrand Souville (NTT DOCOMO,
  • Dan Druta (AT&T,
  • Balázs Gibizer (Ericsson,
  • Wenjuan Dong (ZTE,
  • Yuanzhen Li (ZTE,
  • Masanori Miyazawa (KDDI,
  • Tomonobu Niwa (KDDI,

If you would like to contribute to this project please add yourself to the contributors list and contact us. See also getting_started .

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