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List of current deployment tools (installers) investigated

The table below supplies an overview of the different deployment/installer experiments conducted currently. The OPNFV platform is agnostic to the installer being used. Details on the installer approach taken by the BGS project are found on the following wiki: Base principles of the installation/deployment approach.

"Experiment" #1 - "Foreman-Quickstack" #2 "Fuel" #3 "OpenSteak" #4 "SlapStick" #5 "JOID" #6 "Compass"
Base Installer Foreman/QuickStack Cobbler (packed up within Fuel 6) maas Ironic Openstack-install, (Juju) Cobbler in Compass
Local node config Puppet (master/slave) Fuel/Puppet puppet (stackforge) + hiera SaltStack MAAS / Juju Ansible
Orchestration Khaleesi (Ansible framework) bash/python scripts SaltStack Juju Compass
OpenStack version Juno Juno Juno Icehouse, Juno Icehouse, Juno Juno
OpenDaylight version Helium Helium Helium Helium Helium Helium
Distro for compute nodes Centos 7 Centos 6.5 or Ubuntu 12.04 Ubuntu 14.04 Centos/RHEL 6.5/7, Ubuntu 12/14 Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Ubuntu 14.04
Distro for Jumphost Centos 7 Ubuntu 14.04 Linux Ubuntu 14.04 LTS CentOS 6.5
Congress/Copper Status WIP
IPv6 Status WIP
Public deployment Intel Ericsson Orange Spirent Juju Tsinghua University/Huawei
OPNFV Repo (common components)
OPNFV Repo (non common components) BGS Gerrit BGS Gerrit
Non OPNFV References Github Github
Current Status Foreman QuickStack Status Fuel Status OpenSteak Status Being Defined JuJu Status Compass Status
Deployment Guide for OPNFV Foreman/QuickStack Guide Fuel Build and Deploy Juju Build and Deploy Compass Guide
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