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Project Name:

  • Proposed name for the project: Models
  • Proposed name for the repository: models

Project description:

  • This project will address various goals for promoting availability and convergence of information and/or data models related to NFV service/VNF management, as being defined in standards (SDOs) and as developed in open source projects.


  • Activities will include:
    • establishing agile lines of communication (e.g. JIRA) with SDO members so that OPNFV and SDOs can set goals, share progress on various model-related issues, and provide feedback on implementation/test experience
    • building collections (by reference where possible) of standard models that can be roadmapped for analysis and verification thru use case testing on the OPNFV platform
    • work with various OPNFV projects (e.g. Movie, Parser, Promise, Copper, SFC, etc) to coordinate on models proposed for testing, and to feedback results to the SDOs
    • leverage/develop tools and processes for comparative analysis of standardized models and defacto models derived from open source documentation or code, and promote actions for key issues arising from the analysis
    • coordinate test/demo events focused on publicizing work of the project and enhancing collaboration with upstream SDO / open source project members

Further ideas/details for the proposed project are being collected on an etherpad page.


  • Model use case tests will be coordinated with other OPNFV projects or directly by the models project as needed
  • Any model analysis tools developed will be included in the CI pipeline and supported by tests


  • A running dashboard will be maintained covering
    • References to sources of models
    • Models that have been collected and planned for analysis/testing on the OPNFV platform
    • Models that have been successfully tested, and the state of any issues related to them
    • Tools and processes for model derivation and comparative analysis


Committers and Contributors:

  • Committers:
    • Bryan Sullivan, AT&T
    • Dan Druta, AT&T
    • Ulas C. Kozat, Huawei
    • Marc Flauw, HPE
  • Contributors:
    • Serge Manning, Sprint
    • Prakash Ramchandran, Huawei

Planned deliverables:

  • Periodic reports, e.g. on a release basis, for models collected, validated, and key open issues
  • Proposals for model extensions to be addressed by SDOs
    • Possibly prototype model implementations used in PoCs for generating upstream SDO support
  • Dashboard of current activity/plans for the project

Proposed Release Schedule:

  • The first report should be produced by the C release deadline.

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Key Project Facts

Project Name: Models
Repo name: models
Lifecycle State: incubation
Primary Contact: Bryan Sullivan, AT&T
Project Lead: Bryan Sullivan, AT&T
Jira Project Name: Models
Jira Project Prefix: MODELS
mailing list tag MODELS
Bryan Sullivan, AT&T
Dan Druta, AT&T
Ulas Kozat, Huawei
Marc Flauw, HPE
Link to TSC approval: Example
Link to approval of additional submitters: Example

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