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Category Project Description Include in ARM Band Notes Investigator
Installer apex Foreman/Quickstack Successor yes Joe Kidder
Test Bottlenecks Automatic test framework yes(in next release) optional test framework
Installer Compass4nfv maybe
MANO Copper policy no
HA Doctor HA for NFVI and VIM maybe Michael Rooke
HA Escalator Smooth upgrade of NFVI/VIM no
Installer Fuel yes Joe Kidder
Test Functest framework for automated testing yes
Installer Genesis requirements hub for installers maybe may need to support subset of installers Joe Kidder
HA HA Application level HA (within VNF) maybe Fu Qiao
Infra IPv6 yes Bin Hu
Installer JOID MAAS and Juju installer maybe
MANO Movie model oriented virtualization interface no
VIM Multi-Site Virtualized Infrastructure maybe this seems like it probably should be covered
NFVI NFV Hypervisors-KVM improvements to KVM for NFV yes
CI Octopus - CI Continuous Integration yes Bin Hu
VIM onosfw ONOS as an SDN controller within VIM maybe
NFVI Open vSwitch for NFV Open vswitch option in user space maybe
Doc OPNFV Documentation documentation yes
NFVI/VIM Open Contrail …still a proposal maybe
MANO Parser Deployment template translation no
Lab Pharos Testbed infrastructure yes Bob Monkman
Test Policy Test …not sure where this description is… no
HA Prediction data collection for failure prediction no
MANO Promise Resource management no
Test Qtip Platform Performance Benchmarking yes Bob Monkman
Test Release Engineering Release engineering yes Bin Hu
MANO Resource Scheduler (RS) Resource scheduling no
MANO Service Function Chaining (SFC) maybe Steve Furr
Test Software Fastpath Service Quality Metrics need to explore what this is maybe
MANO VNF FG openstack-based vnf forwwarding graph maybe
Test VS Perf characterize vswitch performance yes
Test Yardstick Infrastructure verification yes Bob Monkman
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