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Approved OPNFV Projects

(See the project wiki page template)

Requirements Integration & Testing Collaborative Development Documentation
Fault Management (Doctor) Continuous Integration (Octopus) Software Fastpath Service Quality Metrics OPNFV Documentation
Virtualized Infrastructure Deployment Policies (Copper) Bootstrap/Get-started (BGS) ONOS Framework (ONOSFW)
Resource Management (Promise) IPv6-enabled OPNFV Moon Security Management Module
High Availability for OPNFV (Availability) Characterize vSwitch Performance for Telco NFV Use Cases Service Function Chaining (sfc)
Data Plane Acceleration (DPACC) OPNFV System Configuration And Reporting (OSCAR) NFV Hypervisors-kvm
OpenStack based VNF Forwarding Graph Testbed infrastructure (Pharos) Open vSwitch for NFV
Data Collection for Failure Prediction (Prediction) Base system functionality testing (FuncTest) OpenContrail Virtual Networking for OPNFV
Resource Scheduler (RS) Platform Performance Benchmarking (Qtip) SDN distributed routing and VPN (SDn VPN)
Model Oriented Virtualization Interface (Movie) Deployment Template Translation (Parser)
Multi-Site Virtualized Infrastructure (Multisite) Infrastructure verification (Yardstick)
Smooth Upgrade (Escalator) Juju OPNFV Infrastructure Deployer (JOID)
Audit (Inspector) Release Engineering (Releng)
Connectivity Services LSO (LSOAPI) Apex OPNFV installer
Genesis Compass OPNFV installer
Edge NFV (ENFV) Fuel based OPNFV installer
Fault localization (RCA, Pinpoint ) Bottlenecks
Storage Performance Benchmarking for NFVI (StorPerf)
Policy Test (policytest)
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